Wednesday, 13 June 2012

All you need to know about duty free shops

Duty free shops are a special customs procedure which consists in selling goods under customs supervision in special places usually in airports and international ports, borders on aircraft, at customs with international status, except railway customs stations.  The goods in beauty encounter shops are sold exclusively to people travelling outside the country and who have previously been submitted to customs check of the identification documents. Selling such things as duty free products can and it is usually done by means of duty free shops placed only on the right direction out of the country, in customs located on land or in naval ones, beyond the places where people are being checked according to the customs procedures.

Even though duty free shops are getting harder and harder to find in certain countries, they are still ones of the most wanted places at customs. The great thing about duty free shops is that if you’re travelling abroad, you can buy products from here at really low prices, since they are free of local taxes. But this is, after all, a common feature of tax systems regarding products which are to be exported, we all know that. These goods can be sold to people travelling abroad before they cross the border, and the condition implies that they consume those goods on board. There is, however a second situation where you can take good from duty free shops and not consume them on board. This implies that those goods are imported  tax free into the country that you are travelling to. It seems pretty simple, right? And the duty free shops are still so wanted because of the many advantages they offer to travellers.

The history of duty free shops is however unknown to most people, even if today we know so many things about this special kind of shops.  For example, it’s  interesting to find out how many people know that the very first duty free shop goes back to 1947 in Ireland. It’s main purpose is the one that we all know nowadays, to provide this kind of services to airline passengers travelling abroad, usually between Europe and North America. The duty free shop had such an amazing success from its very beginning and the idea was copied all around the world. And the most amazing thing is that this duty free shop in Ireland at Shannon Airport is still open up until today.  Furthermore, what we now know to be called DFS, the Duty Free Shoppers started when this type of services was only at its beginning. It first operated in Hong Kong, but later it went to Europe and in many other countries around the world. Also, at almost the same time there were even developed duty free shopping destinations like Singapore, Hong Kong or Saint Martin.

But even though duty free shops have had such an amazing success from the start, nowadays they started to disappear completely in some places.  For example,  in Australia the duty free shops disappeared completely after the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was implemented, in the year 2000. But still,  this doesn’t mean we can’t find any duty free shops anymore. They can be still found in international airports and the procedures are a lot easier regarding the use of duty free products. All in all, even though  duty free shops can’t be found as much as they used to be, they are still preffered by people travelling worldwide. So , don’t miss your chance and get the best of out them when you can.

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